We all love to sit back and relax on our favourite couch on a lazy Sunday or every day once back from work. However, over the period of time, your favourite couches may acquire dirt, strains and begin losing it sheen. It then becomes very important to clean it at regular intervals to ensure a fresh and shiny feel.

What better than easily getting the couch cleaned in Melbourne at the comfort of your home itself? 

We have some valuable tips for you to clean your favourite couch with ease, convenience along with preserving its natural lustre and shine. 

Home Remedies for Couch Cleaning

Some Valuable Couch Cleaning Tips:

  • Start With a Vacuum Cleaner –

    Continuous usage of the couch means that a lot of dirt and debris accumulates in small spaces like edges and gaps. It may not be visible to the naked eye and hence not manually cleaned. The vacuum cleaner will generate enough air pressure which forces contaminants to detach from the hidden areas.
    You can also use the vacuum pressure on your couch covers and cushions. You will notice that a lot of pet hair, dirt particles and small food remains are now detached. You couch now begins to look like it’s younger self. 
  • Clean The Sides Manually –

    The couch legs, the back support and sitting area which may be made of wood or some metal also need to be cleaned. You need to wipe and mop the area. You can use any regular dishwashing soap for this purpose. Mix the soap with relatively warm water. Rub it over the sofa area manually with some cloth. Then wash that cloth in water and rub it again to clean off the soap remains. 
  • Clean The Couch Covers Separately –

    The couch covers or upholstery also needs to be cleaned well. The process of cleaning depends upon the type of fabric of the cover. It is better to read the cleaning instructions on the upholstery itself.

Some of The Suggested Options May Be –

  • Just use vacuum suction to clean the upholstery
  • Dry cleaning the covers 
  • Was the cover using some good detergent

Removing Those Unwanted Stains and Blots –

This could be the most challenging part of cleaning your couch or upholstery at home. The stains and the blots allured over a period of time are not easy to get rid of. Here is an effective home-based method to try and separate these stains from your sofa covers.

  • Mix ¼ cup of vinegar in ¾ cups of warm water well
  • Add 1 cup of a tablespoon to the mixture
  • Put these in some bottle and shake well for proper mixing

Once the mixture is ready, rub it along the stains with the help of a cloth. Once the stains are removed, use another piece of cloth to get rid of the mixture from the couch or upholstery. Use a towel to dry it. If you are cleaning the main couch surface, don’t put covers on till it dries properly.

Removing Those Unwanted Stains and Blots

The process of couch cleaning in Melbourne at home itself is now done effectively. Don’t put the covers on immediately and let the couch get dried enough. Ensure that no moisture remains for long on fabric and wooden areas of the couch. To get your couch cleaned professionally, contact Ses Upholstery Cleaning today.

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