By hiring our Ses Upholstery Cleaning services terms and conditions our customers should go through our terms and conditions for all service and read carefully all in the instructions. The Terms and conditions are like a contract between the customer and us. We deal directly and give you a 100% satisfaction job done.

Quotations and Pricing

Ses Upholstery Cleaning services cost is quoted and owned by the company.

Only Ses Upholstery have the right to make changes in Quotations and Pricing anytime without any prior notice.

Our cost of upholstery cleaning in domestic and commercial spaces highly depends on the type of services you hire.

Our professional upholstery cleaners can change our quoted upholstery cleaning cost on the spot of the location if the condition of upholstery turned out to be different than was mentioned at the time of booking.

Payment method

Ses upholstery Cleaning service accepts payment in cash, visa card or bank transfer.

Payment through bank transfer should be done within in 24hours after booking the appointment.

In the case, if no other way the customer has to pay in cash once the upholstery cleaning task is completed.


it is necessary if the customer is cancelling his appointment he/she has to inform our services by calling on our service provider number or via email with the reference number, date of servicing, and address of appointment, all the details.

If the customer cancels the appointment within 24hours he/she will have to pay fine of $ 95 as the cancellation fee.

And if the customer has paid in advanced we will generate a refund.

Changes in Upholstery Cleaning on the spot

The customers can make changes in the services.

The customer has to pay additional charges fee for extra service.

Our professional has all right to cancel the service on the spot if the customer denies paying.

It’s necessary to inform our services before the appointment if you are willing to make any changes to the services.

You can directly call our services or directly write to us on our email.