If you have children or even pets around your microfiber couch might be at risk. Your microfiber couch might be deeply soiled time and again and if you do not clean them in time the stains on it might be permanent.

A microfiber couch can be soiled heavily from spilled drinks, food, dirty hands or a number of other things. To Microfiber Couch Cleaning in Adelaide, you need to follow a few steps and in each step of the way, you need to ensure that the fiber of the couch is kept intact at all times. 

Clean A Heavily Soiled Microfiber Couch

Some of The Steps to Remove Stains from your Heavily Soiled Microfiber Couch are As Follows:

  • Firstly if there are spots on your microfiber couch you need to remove it gently. Try not to use any kind of harsh material on your couch that might harm it in any way.
  • You can use some of the easiest available products available in the markets to remove spots from your couch.
  • You need to use a vacuum cleaner if the couch has loose dust on it. The vacuum can be used to remove any kind of debris that is loose first. This step is followed by a number of other steps
  • You can make use of a number of mild solvents to remove stains from food spills, oils, and other materials. You can pour the solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the couch to ensure that the solvent is used in a limited way. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove most kinds of stains from your microfiber couch.
  • Blot the area dry to remove any kinds of excess solvent which might harm the fiber in any way. 
  • You can also brush off excess dirt from the soiled couch. You might need to do it at the end of the cleaning process so as to make sure that the fluffiness of the couch remains intact.

Baking Soda is Useful

You can make use of baking soda to clean the soiled microfiber couch. For this process, you can sprinkle baking soda all over your couch in sufficient amounts and this might be effective in removing unwanted odor and loosen hard stains to some extent. You can also mix equal parts of baking soda and water and dab it over the stained area using a soft cloth. Leave it on for around 20 minutes and let the solution soak the stain. Vacuum the area with the use of a soft brush or blot dry.

If the stain is very strong it might need a couple of tries for the process to fade it. Continue it as long as it is required and necessary but always ensure that the material of the fiber is not harmed.

If the stain is too hard and it does not go off after a couple of tries of the home remedies, you must consult a professional’s Ses Upholstery Cleaning company and get it cleaned by them.

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